Water in My Lungs

I’m searching

Through the stars. 

Through vaporizers 

Filling up jars

Tried to stop

Looking is hard

Swam the stars. 

Laid in the yard. 

Went for a drive

Just to turn back

Found the X

Not something I lack

Pipes are running

Water mimics the tub

Add the soap?

Head won’t stay up

Typed a note. 

Got a text. 

What now?

What’s next?

I’ll go. 

I’m not here

It’s okay. 

Wipe your tears. 

I’ll stay

If but to prove 

I am love

Sadness moves. 

It searches. 

Through the stars 

Through vaporizers 

Fills up jars. 

Without my aid

It goes blind


No peace of mind

Does it come back?

Sometimes yes. 

Sometimes the water fills

Leaves them a mess

Drag me out

Heal my lungs. 

Drown me out

Sing the songs

Stop the search 

It’s over soon

No more water

Ask the moon

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