Untitled Project: The Origins

2,000 years earlier;

A little girl plays in the front yard of her families’ farmhouse. She picks at the grass and examines the blades closely, memorizing the color and patterns etched into the fibers. Jordan is six and is very passionate about her nap schedule, and making tiny homes for the bugs she finds to live in. Mommy and daddy work at home and so are never too far off in case she finds an incredibly important addition to the city of insects she needs them to see. However, mommy and daddy are always too distracted to talk to her about them long. They feign excitement but Jordan knows that her news isn’t as important as what they’re doing. Mommy and daddy work with a huge metal dome in their backyard. They’re not in it all the time, but sometimes at night, Jordan notices them sneaking out of the house to lock themselves in. She’s always suspected they’re wizards and that the dome is where they work on their spells and potions.

One night was special though. Jordan heard her parents taking off for the dome again late at night as usual. Soon enough, sleep gripped her mind and she drifted into a dream about an island full of dinosaurs. She was the queen, and they were her pets. But before she got a chance to ride her favorite T-rex across the island, she was suddenly awoken by her mommy and daddy rushing into the house without care of Jordan’s dreams. Frustrated, Jordan slipped out of bed and stomped to the top of the stairs looking down into the living room. With crossed arms she was ready to yell at her parents to keep it down so she could return to her island, until she saw her parents’ exhilarated yet somehow slightly terrified faces. They were rushing around the house grabbing their coats and gathering up papers and looked like they were about to leave the house.

Jordan called to them, asking them why they looked so crazy, and they suddenly stopped to look up at her as if they’d forgotten she existed. Their expressions suddenly softened, although they furrowed their brows at each other wondering what to do with her for the night. They obviously couldn’t leave her alone, but it seemed their work needed them to leave now. After muttering a few words, they smiled at her and told her they were going on a quick trip and asked her to get some warm clothes and a blanket. They told her she could sleep in the car, but they needed to leave urgently. They said this with smiles on their faces and warmth in their words, however Jordan could see the urgency in their eyes still.

After getting packed up into their car, mommy drove them away from their farmhouse, away from their wizard hut, and towards the city a short drive away. When they arrived at a black building on the outskirts of the town they lived near, mommy parked the car and rushed everyone inside. She was clutching a bundle of papers, and Jordan caught a glimpse of a picture of the nights sky with a circle around a dim star. She could also see what looked like a line that trailed up and down like hills. Jordan wondered why mommy seemed to be so urgent about a picture of the sky. After a turn down a long hallway, they were met with a crowd of men and women donned in suits. These people had the same sense of panic and excitement as her parents. They were speaking at almost yelling volumes, shaking papers at mommy and daddy with the same starry image Jordan saw earlier.

She couldn’t understand what was being discussed, but apparently it was gripping, important, and maybe scary. They were yelling numbers at each other, showing each other papers with more hilly lines and maps of the sky. After minutes of everyone yelling at each other, eventually the excitement died and there was tension in the air. A tall man with greying brown hair and a blue suit fit to his skinny body eventually straightened up and muttered one word.


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