My First Campaign: update

Whoop Whoop!

My first campaign has taken a turn. Instead of the main big campaign I’ve been so excited for, my DM decided we were going to run a short side campaign first. This is great because I can create a more fun character that I can practice with before the real deal. I’ve felt so much pressure trying to make a good character with a good story, and trying to stay away from the cliches and boring tropes that some dnd characters can fall into. Playing with a smaller group and a shorter campaign will be a good thing to help me get into the feel of the game, so that when I try to take on the more complex dragonborn mystic I can first play with a looser barbarian dwarf!

I don’t know why I feel so much pressure trying to make a good character for a casual game, but I just do. I want to be a good creator and writer and this is sort of the first time something I create will be put to my name. Besides this but this doesn’t count because y’all can’t see my face! Once I get the details worked out, I will upload my dwarf’s backstory!

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