Hey, hi, how ya doing? I’m JeZ, and you’ve somehow found your way to my blog. Except I feel silly calling it a blog. It’s more of an amalgamation of random stuff I like, and hopefully it’s also stuff you like and maybe we can talk about it. Okay fine, it’s just a blog, but it’s also a chaotic representation of my interests and writings. As you may have noticed, JeZ is not a very concealing name (thanks mom), so if you recognize it…….. no you don’t! But hey I figured if enough people like me then I won’t care much about privacy, pfft who needs it? So anyways, this is website is for me to tell you about what I’m doing lately and whatever niche subject my ADHD has decided we’re now fully investing in. I think this sort of breaks the rules of blogging but that’s what I’m all about. Bye!

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