Here’s something you should know about me. I’m a child of divorce starting from age 10. I think I could end the post there because that explains everything about a 21-year-old who still bows down to Jake the dog as if he were royalty. And also real…. And also, a human.

Disregard the above comment. However, it is true that Adventure Time has been there for me in a very delicate time of my life. I think that is true for a lot of people! It’s amazing that even after all this time, people still watch the show, dress up as its characters, get tattoos, and generally share a profound love for the World of OOO. No matter how much time passes, this show will never leave my heart.

This is true for Adventure Time and watching Critical Role; I have a strange sense of melancholy watching these shows, because I know it’s not real. I know it’s not real and that I can’t do any incredible fantastical things like they do. It is comforting however, to know that I’m sure this is exactly how Finn the Human feels. He’s living in a world surrounded by incredibly talented creatures, and he has nothing except his endurance and his swords. He made himself into a hero and a legend, all with his righteous morals. I think we all can strive to be so brave, and maybe we can all leave our marks without being blessed with magic or born with wings.

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